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We have so much to celebrate today! The circus wagons have all rolled into town to celebrate the first birthday for The Lady and the Lionheart and they’ve brought an extra special surprise along. Grab a bag of hot popcorn and let me hand you an ice cold lemonade. Here’s your ticket and I’ve got one too. Stick with me and we’ll slip behind the curtain for an exclusive party – circus style!

I’m so glad to see that you’ve brought some friends. Should we tell them now that The Lady and the Lionheart is officially on eBook sale for just $1.99?



Oh wow! Normally we would be alarmed by stampedes at the circus, but that one was thrilling. ;) While those savvy shoppers grab their copy of Lionheart at the eBook-sale-wagon, let’s pour them glasses of lemonade and fetch us all sticks of cotton candy.

Goodness there is so much to see and do. I’m thinking of getting in line to get a fake tattoo but yes, you’re right…the show is about to start! Not to mention, a dashing ringmaster (who looks rather like Charlie Lionheart) is taking center stage…

“Good evening, LADIES and GENTS! Welcome to the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!”

Oh my! It IS Charlie Lionheart!!!

He’s introducing us to the main attraction that he’s going to be in!

storyboard banner
Where I take you on an exclusive look behind the curtain! I’ll share never-before-seen character inspirations, vintage circus treasures, and some of the research and discoveries that went into the making of the story. We’ve got some of the best seats in the house but if you hit the expand button, I think you’ll enjoy the show even more:

expand video

Because story-revealing secrets live within, the video is set up to require a password. That way I don’t spoil the adventure for anyone who hasn’t read it yet. :) In just a moment, you’ll get a hint of what the password is. If you’ve read the story, you’ll know the answer and the video will begin for you. If you haven’t read it yet, the line at the eBook-wagon is now nice and short and this circus is going to be in town for a long while. Take your time enjoying The Lady and the Lionheart then slip on back over. We will save you your seat! 

THE PASSWORD is the name of Charlie’s costume mistress. Who also happens to be baby Holland’s nanny. Those of you who have read the novel are grinning because you know just who that lovely lady is. To view the video simply enter her name into the password box. If you have any trouble accessing the video, just elbow me, (or if you’re a little farther down on the hay bale, shoot me a note) and I’ll get you sorted out.

Thanks again for being here to join in the festivities! I hope you enjoy the treats AND the matinee and if you have any questions or comments about the main act, do share in the comment section. I’d love to know you were here.



  1. I actually wondered if you had a Pinterest board for this book. Being a visual learner, I enjoy “seeing” an author’s representations and inspirations for a story. My book’s at home and I am terrible at remembering all the names of characters, so I will come back and log in to see the board.

    • Rebecca, I sent you the hint just in case. ;) So glad you stopped in and I hope you enjoy the video!

  2. Loved the journey you took us on to create this amazing and inspiring Lionheart of a story!

    • Thanks for coming along! It was really fun to get to “talk” with you all. :)

  3. Oh my word, I went to look up the name and discovered that I only have the e book, not the physical book. I MUST have this book for my keeper shelf! I can’t remember the nanny’s name.

    • Oh yes, that’s right! You did have the eBook. I would be so delighted for Lionheart to be on your keeper shelf. What a lovely place for a book to get to be!

  4. Very nice! A very creative idea! Thank you!

    I’ve actually seen te Butterfly Circus video many years ago and when you mentioned those handicaped people in the “Village of Oddities” (is that how the show is called?) I immediately thought about them. :) They are absolutely inspiring.

    In Romania we still have many Rromani people (gipsies) who live that way, but we have many that have renounced their traditons, too.

    I really liked the baby pictures, especially the one with the baby in a nightgown sitting on her knees. That one really reminds me of Holland. :)

    • Greetings Francesca!

      It’s a delight to think of getting to connect with you through this video from my little spot in California ALL the way over to Romania. I hope and pray that one day, or chats over possibly seeing Charlie and Ella’s story in Romania will be real. What celebrating we will do! <3 <3 And oh yes. The Butterfly Circus is such a sweet story. I wish I would have mentioned this in the video but the side show from those days (I believe it was Ringling but it might have been Barnum and Baily - I forget) was called the "Congress of Freaks". I knew when I created my own side show, that I wanted to add a Charlie-esque sort of twist to that name and came up with Madame Broussard's "Village of Oddities". One of the fun delights of writing is to create all the different names! :)

      • Oh, I just can’t wait to see this book on the shelves of our bookstores, hopefully translated, too!

        Yes, connecting on such big distances is an amazing and beautiful thought.

        Thank you again for caring and being so kind to us readers. Before you, talking to an author was inimaginable for me. You are very openhearted. :)

  5. Thanks for showing us your secret board. It was really fun, especially because you were narrating as we saw the photos. The Lady and the Lionheart is such a terrific book. It was so nice to see it at a discounted price. I used this opportunity to recommend it again to friends.

    • Pam,

      You are such a steady and faithful supporter and I don’t pause to tell you that often enough. THANK YOU for visiting and always for your sweet words and life-encouragement. I’m touched that you have been sharing the book with your book club as well.

  6. I enjoyed this so much. I cannot seem to get enough of Charlie and his tale. I loved all of the behind the scenes information you told us and the pictures were wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    • Anne,

      Thank you bunches for being here and for hanging out with me through the video. :) It’s really special for me. And it means the world to know that Charlie and his story hold a special spot in your heart!

  7. Thanks so much for letting us peek behind the curtain! As a writer myself, I love getting a glimpse into other writers’ processes and inspiration. I absolutely loved Charlie and Ella’s story and have been passing it on to friends and coworkers.
    Can’t wait for Sons of Blackbird Mountain to release!

    • Amanda,

      Thank YOU for visiting!! It makes me smile to know that you joined me for the video. I recorded it so long ago, but I wondered as I did it who might watch it and now it’s all the more meaningful. <3 And I can't wait to share Sons of Blackbird Mountain with you!! HUGS.

  8. I’ve already been nostalgic for Charlie and Ella as I remembered how excited I was for their release this time last year! Thank you for sharing this, Joanne. I want to read the book again!!

    • Kristen,

      Thanks for watching along and I’m smiling to know that Charlie and Ella have a place in your heart. You all have a place in mine!


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