Blogging Break, But Good News on the Way!!

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Hi everyone. I’m spending the week writing, editing and trekking around with the fam so I’m taking a break from blogging this week, but I’ll be back next Tuesday! And I have good news on the way. I am SOOOO excited. I can’t wait to share! Happy 2012 and I will see you next week.

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Taking a break from blogging this week but I’m so thankful to have the most precious newborn in my arms and I promise to tell all about him in my next post! Here’s a fun post on editing from one of my fabulous critique parters, Beverly Nault. Tighten, cut and burn those problem areas, Writer. Like a good exercise routine, editing can target specific weaknesses. Here’s an acronym for three common loose and flabby areas. Here’s our practice paragraph. A noise woke up Lavinina with a startle and she looked at the alarm clock. It read five thirty. Her husband’s side of the bed...

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First Home School Days

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Well we have officially begun home schooling. Yet isn’t home schooling something so many moms do? Whether they send their kids to school or teach them at home? I think so. Playing blocks, coloring, learning numbers and letters and so many other activities are really teaching our children, so the transition into official schooling can be a smooth one. We’ve casually done preschool up until now. Levi, who will be five in November has had trouble with numbers. Right now he has just mastered counting up to the number twelve. Some kids that I know of can count much higher by this age...

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