Getting Started with Sourdough

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Greetings friends! Today I am so excited to get to share with you about sourdough. I’ve put together a video tutorial for getting started and if you’ve ever wondered about working with sourdough but have never known how to begin, I hope this video will be helpful to you! And below in the comments, I’d love to chat with you about any sourdough experiences you might have, or if you’re just getting started and have some questions, please ask! :)

If you are viewing this via email and the video doesn’t load, you can access it here:


  1. this was great! Love the music :-) have had your sour dough cookies and they were fabulous!

    • Thank you, Nettie!! And I’m so glad you liked those cookies. :) I’ll be making them again!

  2. Hi, Joanne!

    I really enjoyed the video on the sour dough starter !!

    Years ago – a recipe went around at my place of employment in which a starter batter was made by adding to it each day, portions were given to friends, and it was used to make what was called Friendship Bread. I’m wondering if this was the same thing as the sour dough starter ?? What makes the batter sour dough ?? Is any starter batter like this known as sour dough starter ??

    Some other questions: if cheesecloth isn’t available – what else, if anything, could be used to cover the starter dough ?? How often do you, personally, use the starter dough, what other things have you made with it, and where do you find other recipes that use the starter dough ?? According to the video: after the 7 day daily feedings, you only feed the dough once a week, and after a month, or two, throw it out, and start a new dough – correct ??

    Last question: does your father have CD’s of his music for sale ?? I loved it !!

    Thank you SO much !! Hugs !!

    • Bonnie,

      I do think they are quite the same. I’ve never done a friendship bread, but I’ve heard of it and reading your description it sounds a lot like it! That’s one nice thing about sour dough is being able to share it with friends. What makes the batter sour–is the fermentation process. It’s a lot like beer or yogurt in that regard, giving it that tang. I think any starter batter like this would be considered sourdough for the same reason.

      For covering the sourdough, just a clean t-shirt would be perfect. I think a fairly thin, breathable fabric would be best to make sure it’s open to the environment. I personally use it about once or twice a week. More often if I want to bake more and if that’s the case, I give it more during the feeding. For example, I needed two cups of starter to make pancakes this weekend, so the night before, I gave my SD starter a BIG feeding and had plenty in the morning. :)

      After those seven days, you keep feeding it. I feed mine about once daily. Skipping a day here and there is ok and if you want a break you just toss it in the fridge and it’s fine to hang out there for a while. NO need to toss it out ever as they get better with time. Some San Fransisco bakeries have 100 year old starters! (I believe :) )

      Yes, my dad did do the music and he DOES have CD’s! He doesn’t sell them as he just likes to give them away so I will get your address and pop some in the mail for you!

      • SO interesting – thanks for the info, Joanne!! And thank you SO much for the CD – please thank your father for me, also!! I sent my address by Facebook private message!

  3. Good Morning Joanne
    I sent my daughter over here to watch our video on making the bread, she started talking about it and so I remembered you had done it already. Amanda loves to bake, so this is up her alley. How are you ? I miss seeing you more on FB and posting. Know your loved and prayed for ! You can reach me anytime , let me know how I can bless you and be a sister to you.
    Hugs and Much Love,
    Remember to keep me on your influencer list ok and Don’t miss yours truely in Julie Lessmans new book this fall ” Surprised by Love ”
    Let me know how you are ….Hugs

    • Linda, thank you for being a burst of inspiration!! I’ve been writing a novel full-force and have been scarce all around. I have over 200 unanswered emails… a very bad thing to do, but oh, how fun it’s been to dive into a new story and it’s almost done! :) Thank you for your sweet words and constant encouragement. And I can’t wait to see you in Julie’s next book!

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